Special feature on Behavior Monitoring and Interpretation

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Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Matt Duckham 1-2

Research Articles

Optimizing map labeling of point features based on an onion peeling approach PDF
Wan D Bae, Shayma Alkobaisi, Sada Narayanappa, Petr Vojtechovsky, Kye Y. Bae 3-28
The semantics of similarity in geographic information retrieval PDF
Krzysztof Janowicz, Martin Raubal, Werner Kuhn 29-57
A combined GIS and stereo vision approach to identify building pixels in images and determine appropriate color terms PDF
Philip James Bartie, Femke Reitsma, Steven Mills 59-83

Special Feature Editorial

Behavior monitoring and interpretation PDF
Björn Gottfried 85-86

Special Feature Research Articles

Uncertainty-aware video visual analytics of tracked moving objects PDF
Markus Höferlin, Benjamin Höferlin, Daniel Weiskopf, Gunther Heidemann 87-117

Community Activities

Towards a computational transportation science PDF
Stephan Winter, Monika Sester, Ouri Wolfson, Glenn Geers 119-126
Report on the first workshop on Movement Pattern Analysis MPA10 PDF
Patrick Olivier Laube, Björn Gottfried, Alexander Klippel, Roland Billen, Nico Van de Weghe 127-133
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