Special feature on Open Source Geospatial Education and Research

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Table of Contents

Research Articles

Integrating cross-scale analysis in the spatial and temporal domains for classification of behavioral movement PDF
Ali Soleymani, Jonathan Cachat, Kyle Robinson, Somayeh Dodge, Allan Kalueff, Robert Weibel 1-25

Review Articles

Geo-social visual analytics PDF
Wei Luo, Alan M MacEachren 27-66

Special Feature Editorial

The open source dynamics in geospatial research and education PDF
Olivier Ertz, Sergio J Rey, Stéphane Joost 67-71

Special Feature Research Articles

Dissemination and geovisualization of territorial entities' history PDF
Christine Plumejeaud, Eric Grosso, Benjamin Parent 73-93
Rockfall detection from terrestrial LiDAR point clouds: A clustering approach using R PDF
Marj Tonini, Antonio Abellan 95-110
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